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Bridge to Nowhere - Repair to Abutments (148676)
Proposal Status: Conformity Determination Issued
Project Overview
Type of application: New
Proponent name: Mr. Eric Shilts
Company: Concentric Geoscience Inc.
Start Date: 2018-07-01
End Date: 2018-08-31
Operation Type: Seasonal
Project Description:
The abutments to Bridge to Nowhere require stabilizing works to prevent the ultimate collapse of the span structure. The Bridge to Nowhere is located outside of the central core of the City of Iqaluit on the Road to Nowhere where it crosses the Niaqunguk River (also referred to as Apex River). In terms of project authorizations we have contacted NWB and DFO (please find those email communications in the project documents). In accordance with DFO's Nunavut Restricted Activity Timing Windows for the Protection of Fish and Fish Habitat we understand that works should be avoided during the spawning period (September 1 to June 30).
Persons: 10
Days: 61
Project Map
List of all project geometries:
ID Geometry Location Name
3251 point Bridge to Nowhere
Planning Regions:
Affected Areas and Land Types
Settlement Area
Project Land Use and Authorizations
Project Land Use
Permanent Structures
Transportation and/or Communications Corridor
Licensing Agencies
Other Licensing Requirements
No data found.
Material Use
Type Quantity Size Use
Excavator 1 Large Removing approach and abutment materials, and, moving construction materials
Dump truck 1 Large Moving construction debris offsite, and, providing locally sourced clean granular fill
Pickups 4 Fullsize Moving people and equipment to and from the project site
Backhoe 1 Large Movement of construction materials and placement of clean granular fill
Fuel Use
Type Container(s) Capacity UOM Use
No records found.
Hazardous Material and Chemical Use
Type Container(s) Capacity UOM Use
Concrete (11 cubic metres) 1 11000 Liters Stabilizing abutment wall
Water Consumption
Daily Amount (m3) Retrieval Method Retrieval Location
Waste and Impacts
Environmental Impacts
Environmental impacts are not expected for these proposed repairs. The flow under the span will be re-directed around the worksite through the existing overflow culvert (which is also being replaced and enhanced). A sand bag coffer dam will isolate the work area under the span (as such the repair works will be carried out in the dry). An environmental protection plan (EPP) will be prepared and a fulltime environmental monitor will ensure strict adherence to the EPP. Following the repairs, the flow will be returned to its natural path under the span. The monitor will ensure the site has been properly cleaned up and restored. A post-construction completion report will be submitted to the NPC and the agencies requiring authorization (DFO, NWB).
Waste Management
Waste Type Quantity Generated Treatement Method Disposal Method
Other 10 cubic metres None Landfill
Other 2 None Recycling
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