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2016 Draft Nunavut Land Use Plan
16-251E-2019-04-29 NPC ltr to QWB re Shapefiles.pdf2019-04-29150.07 Kb
16-245E-2019-01-31 Notice of Responses and Request for Extension.pdf2019-02-0144.39 Kb
16-238E-2019-01-24 NTI on NPC Response Period for Replies to Written Submissions.pdf2019-01-25191.02 Kb
16-237M-2019-01-15 QWB Letter Re Request to Postpone Responses to Submissions.pdf2019-01-253,342.36 Kb
16-229M-2018-11-23-Kitikmeot Mayors Resolution 2018-6 NPC Public Hearing Process.pdf2018-12-03153.45 Kb
16-165M-2018-08-27-QWB Request for Extension for written comment on 2016 DNLUP.pdf2018-09-121,402.52 Kb
16-163E-2017-01-11 Qikiqtarjuaq Request for Extension.pdf2018-09-12160.23 Kb
16-162E-2017-01-11 Arctic Bay Request for Extension.pdf2018-09-12117.50 Kb
16-162E-2017-01-11 Arctic Bay Request for Extension.pdf2018-09-12117.50 Kb
16-161E-2017-01-09 Gjoa Haven Request for Extension.pdf2018-09-12112.13 Kb
16-160E-2017-01-11 Chesterfield Inlet Request for Extension.pdf2018-09-12123.45 Kb
16-159E-2017-01-09 Sanikiluaq Request for Extension.pdf2018-09-12124.26 Kb
16-158E-2016-12-16 NPC Response to NTI re Regional Sessions and Procedures.pdf2018-09-12216.59 Kb
16-157E-2016-12-15 Transmittal Letter - Expert Report - Harvesting.pdf2018-09-12144.21 Kb
16-156E-2016-12-15 Statement of Qualifications - Lynn Hjartarson.pdf2018-09-12120.08 Kb
16-155E-2016-12-15 Letter from Kugluktuk HTO re DNLUP.pdf2018-09-12114.12 Kb
16-154M-2016-12-13 Expert Report from the NWMB.pdf2018-09-121,311.11 Kb
16-153E-2016-12-06 Letter from INAC re Signatories Workshop_ Summary Table attachment.pdf2018-09-12984.36 Kb
16-152E-2016-12-06 Letter from INAC re Signatories Workshop.pdf2018-09-12222.75 Kb
16-151E-2016-09-19 TMAC Participant request Letter.pdf2018-09-12114.01 Kb
16-150E-2016-09-16 Colville Participant Standing Request.pdf2018-09-12150.03 Kb
16-149E-2016-09-09 NPC Response to Chamber of Mines August 15, 2016 letter.pdf2018-09-12372.84 Kb
16-143E-2016-08-15 Chamber Letter to NPC PHC Agenda.pdf2018-09-12386.92 Kb
16-141E - 2018-07-24 Cambridge Bay Ltr to NPC re Public Hearing.pdf2018-07-25115.16 Kb
16-140E - 2018-07-24 NPC Response to Joint Letter re NLUP.pdf2018-07-2593.35 Kb
16-138E - 2018-07-16 DNLUP Questions to Participants.pdf2018-07-16178.28 Kb
16-137E - 2018-07-16 NPC letter reopening record.pdf2018-07-16181.25 Kb
16-136E - 2018-06-21 Joint Signatory Party Ltr re NLUP Next Steps.pdf2018-07-16509.10 Kb
16-135E - 2017-06-15 NTI Ltr to NPC re Joint Process Forward.pdf2017-09-28109.97 Kb
16-134E - 2017-06-15 GOC response to NPC re Joint Process Forward.PDF2017-09-283,973.84 Kb
16-133E - 2017-06-15 GN response to NPC re Joint Process Forward.pdf2017-09-28258.81 Kb
16-132E - 2017-05-31 GN Letter to Chamber of Mines re DNLUP planning process.pdf2017-09-2865.49 Kb
16-131E - 2017-05-30 NPC Ltr to NTI, GN, GOC re Joint Process forward.PDF2017-09-28172.15 Kb
16-130E - 2017-05-19 INAC Ltr to NPC re Iqaluit Public Hearing.pdf2017-09-2885.14 Kb
16-129E - 2017-05-17 NPC Response to GN re Regional Public Hearings.pdf2017-09-28183.21 Kb
16-128E - 2017-05-16 NTI Ltr to NPC re 2016 DNLUP Public Hearing Process Qikiqtani Hearing.pdf2017-09-28207.70 Kb
16-127E - 2017-05-10 GN letter to NPC re Regional Public Hearings_Eng.pdf2017-09-28799.69 Kb
16-126E - 2017-05-10 Chamber of Mines Letter to DNLUP Approving Parties.pdf2017-09-28392.30 Kb
16-124E - Master Nunavut Cruise Ship Itinerary 2017 - AECO member operated vessels.pdf2017-09-28522.85 Kb
16-124E - 2017-07-16 AECO letter regarding the Nunavut Land Use Plan.pdf2017-09-28179.80 Kb